FUEL Sergeant2 – Black


FUEL Sergeant2 – Black Pants

Same Sergeant. Better Pants.
After two years of development, we thought it was time to review our iconic SERGEANT to create the best motorcycle pants for your adventures.
We introduce the Sergeant 2 Pants, highly functional riding trousers that not only look like they can take a beating, but that can perform too. Quilting and suede panels give the Sergeant 2 a style of their own. This new version comes with the FUEL 3CORE fabric, produced with leading-edge tri-core technology.

Same Design. Better Fabric.
Single layer tri core technology.
The FUEL 3CORE fabric has a triple core technology, and It is obtained by combining three different cores that make up a single layer. This exclusive technology is a genuine fabric providing a high abrasion resistance, lighter weight and comfort.

Same Spirit. Better Performances.
FUEL 3CORE features
• Single Layer
• Strength
• UV Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant
• Lightweight
• CLASS AAA CE Certified

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Technical Specifications
• Fuel 3CORE single layer fabric
• Supplied with Level 2 knee and hip armour
• New adjustable knee protections.
• CE/UKCA Certication AAA – highest in the market (EN 17092-2:2020 CLASS AAA)
• Fitting reviewed and improved.
• Sizes 30“ – 40“
• Strengthened seams: with double stitching.