FUEL Hillclimb Sweater


FUEL Hillclimb Sweater

The “HILLCLIMB” sweater is inspired by motorcycle sweaters of the ’20s and ’30s when some of them were used when racing in hillclimb competitions.

These races were the method used by motorcycle companies to show off the power and strength of their latest models. Soon enough, it became a sport for thrill-seekers, and they began manufacturing hillclimb-specific models to meet the growing market of racers.

This half-zip high collar knitted sweater with ribbed cuffs, bottom, and collar, is made with Recover™️ yarn. It is blended with half a percentage of recycled cotton, 45% acrylic, and 5% other fibers. It has a slightly dry and rustic feel to the touch and will wear beautifully also over time. This quality yarn turns textile waste into new recycled cotton fiber, maintaining the best quality throughout the process. According to the Higg MSI Index, it is the lowest-impact recycled cotton fiber in the world market. With its superior durability and original appearance, this garment will gain character with age. The dry feel softens with time as the fibers naturally become smoother and more pliable.

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Tech specs
Made with Recover™️ yarn
YKK Zipper
Composition of the *Recover™️ yarn :

• 50% Upcycled Cotton*
• 45% Acrylic
• 5% Other fibers

*Recover yarns are made from recycled cotton textile waste; thus, a percentage of other fibers such as polyester, viscose, acrylic, wool, or nylon may be identified during final composition testing.