Eudoxie Gloves Gold


Eudoxie Gloves Gold

The first gloves Eudoxie ! Gloves with incredible details, to complete your biker outfit, and give you the look you deserve on your bike!

The leather of this glove has been tested to resist abrasion and tearing. The elongated shape of the cuff makes it easy to put on the gloves and to cover this part in case of slipping. Treated and softened, it will take on a patina as you go on your road trips and adventures.

The perfect combination of safety, style and comfort.

Also available in Pop.

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Fabric + Protection
Leather Gloves Approved to EN13594:2015
Tightened at the wrist
Breathable lining
Very soft, high quality leather
Tactile index finger and thumb
Flexible insert to let the rings through
Strap to keep them in place

Size + Fit
They are thin and close to the hand to ensure ease of movement and comfort when riding. They tighten at the wrist for a better fit.

They have tactile fingers on the thumb and forefinger, because we know that is always useful!

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